Mp3 File Editor

Mp3 File Editor 3.2

MP3 File Editor

Mp3 File Editor is a file organizing and managing tool for your audio files. This software is designed to edit file information for your audio files.

Sometimes we download songs over the Internet that are mislabeled so we get the wrong information. Mp3 File Editor is capable of editing this information on ID3 tags including the artist’s name, track title, track number, album title, album cover, composer, genre and more.

Music lovers and MP3 collectors will find this software helpful to organize their music library as this program is able to batch edit, rename, export and even sort MP3 based on their ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags.

Lastly, Mp3 File Editor has a simple interface that will not confuse its users. There are three tabs in the lower part of the window: File Renamer, MP3 Tag Editor and Ultra Tag Editor.

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